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prime suspect after it was revealed she waited 31 days to report her missing. the remains were discovered in a wooded area near the family home. casey's defense attorneys claim the toddler died in an accidental drowning and her grandmother covered it up. a relieved jose baez said there were no winners but justice had been done. >> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple. today, our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction. >> this trial team is world class and in command of the evidence. they did it skill fully. >> and outside the court, spectators kroued -- cried and shouted. a little girl's memory fresh in their minds. her mother acquitted in the death. sentencing set for thursday morning. the most she can serve is four
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years, minus time served which is two and a half years. >> and tonight abc news will have more in a special hour-long edition of "night line" immediate following our 11 p.m. newscast. >> the bay area is cleaning up today. the illegal fire works that went off all night long did some damage, and created a big mess. sky 7 caught the displays in the sky over oakland last night and take a look at this video. no damage or injuries here but there was plenty elsewhere. >> and there is going to be a tough one with this building. thankfully no, one was living inside of the apartment but there are a lot of people who do live here in the neighborhood. they're feeling very lucky today and say this easily
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could have been them. it was a 4th of july fire works spectacular. lighting up skies like the big budget shows. only there weren't any professionals around for these displays and this is the result. >> the cars, torched, investigators looking into whether smoldering illegal fireworks are to blame n berkeley the apartment building went up in flames. and investigators have no doubts about what caused it. >> it's encouraged, our residents and community to go out to watch the fire works instead of setting off fire works which could cause fires like this one. >> just down the bhok, neighbors considered themselves lucky. willy terry woke foup a surprise. spent fire works on the roof top and driveway.
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he has questions for police. >> this is a, you know, if the police -- it's illegal for fire works in berk hely. >> authorities say they're outnumbed. >> -- outnumbed. >> there are numbers of people and it's thoord enforce, when half of the community is lighting off fire works. >> in a sign, this drop off barrel for illegal fire works in a fire station empty. and just around the corner, a street littered with remains of a neighborhood show. there was only one way to describe it. >> this is explosions, sounds like all around. >> explosive and a lot of folks heard them. one fire fight jerz he once responded to four separate fires. now this damage that we're seeing this morning seems to pale in comparison, but still, there are a lot of residents
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out here in the east bay, wishing that more could be done to prevent damage like this. >> and this must be hard for police to catch these people. what are police saying about this tonight? >> this is almost impossible, that is what they would say. we put requests out here in the east bay no. police department was willing to go on dam kam ra, but it's up to agencies to enforce these fire works. they can come with fines from $1,000 up to $10,000 for large amounts of fire works but nonetheless we're talking about agencies that are cash scrapped -- strapped now, so responding to every fire works report they've received on a night like 4th of july is almost impossible. >> thank you very much. >> and concord man lost parts of three fingers in an accident involving illegal fire works before 8:00 last
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night in a home. and this 37-year-old's wife says he lit a small one inch device and it immediately exploded. >> this fuse was -- something must have been wrong with it he's waiting everywhere. you know? horrible. no one expect that had. >> peters had surnlry last night. he is expected to have nearly full use of his hand. officials note all fire works, even safe and sane ones are illegal in concord and throughout contra costa county. a coast guard plane joined a search for seven missing tourists on a fishing boat that cap sized off the baja coast. the boaters have california include brian wong, don lee, and russell baltista, and sean chaddock. the 115 boat was carrying 43
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people whit cap sized in a flash storm in the sea of cortez early sunday. 35 people were rescued and another is confirmed dead. one resident, the brother of one of the missing men is holding out hope he'll be found alive. >> i believe he's cracking crab and drinking coke waiting for someone to come pick him up. if there is anyone else around him, i'm sure they're with him too,. >> a crew from sacramento is now flying over the near a c 130 cargo plane to safety in the search it was a busy morning for hazardous materials teams. two whoim had been sprayed with pesticides from a vineyard tad had to be decontaminated. the women worked next door, each complained of breathing problems and treated outside queen of the valley hospital and are expected to be okay. >> the man shot and killed by bart police officers last weekend at san francisco civic station has not been identified. police say they're trying to gather information about the
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man, shot on the platform around 9:30 sunday night. they know he's a white male between 35-50 wearing a tie dyed shirt and green fatigue pants. investigators reviewing video as well as interviewing witnesses. >> i have been told there are credible witness that's have been helpful. the information that we're receiving as officers confronted an aggressive suspect not complying with direction autos police say this shooting a minute after the officers confronted the man. and investigators say three shell casings were found. >> a picasso drawing worth hundreds of thousands of dollars was stolen this morning from a san francisco gallery. police trying to identify the man who took the sketch. the drawing from 1965 is just eight by 10 inches and police
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say the suspect walked into the gallery at union square, snatched the art work and left aichl white sheet of paper posted where the drawing once hung. police spent the afternoon looking for surveillance video of the area. >> and he won't get very far, people know this type of painting, if you try to sell it, hopefully someone with give us a call and we can make an arrest in this case. >> the man suspected of taking the drawing is described as a white male, six feet tall, between 30-35 years of age wearing a dark-colored jacket and pants with a white shirt and loafers with no socks. >> and let's get a check of the forecast now. >> from spencer christian. >> despite presence of fog it's been another hot day inland and going to remain warm inland this morning. temperatures ranging from 56-86 into early evening hours,
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tomorrow morning, fog at coast. sunny skies inland. and it will be mild at that hour, then, we'll see a wide range of temperatures ranging from low 60s, highs near the coast to mid-90s inland. so heat per sifts but there is relief on the way. later i'll return to tell you when to expect a cool down. >> spence yes, thank autos women trying to start a family might be wise to follow advice of their dentists. >> she's been called the god mother of the vietnamese american nails industry. >> how what actress tipp tippi headdren did that led to the nail salon boom we see today. >> and michael finney is taking your questions. just take a look at the top of our home page. >> back to work after holiday weekend. traffic looks to be back to normal. back in a moment. [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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10 pieces of the world's best chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good. a staffer for congress woman gabrielle giffords has returned to work for the first time since being injure ntd tucson shooting. a 65-year-old was shot in the cheek and thigh, and six people were killed and 13 others injured including barber and giffords. he'll work part time and will continue rehabilitation therapy. a study suggests women trying to have a baby should floss regularly and get dental checkups. the study found women with gum disease took more than seven months to conceive. researchers believe the under
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lying connection is inflammation, which can damage normal workings. it has been linked with heart disease, type two diabetes and miscarriage. scientists at national institutes of health found a way to change so called bad fat into good fat with potential to fight obesity. white fat used to store calories and brown fat generates heat. doctors found a way to turn night brown in mice by blocking a protein. the mice showed improved blood sugar levels but say the technique is a long way off from use in humans. >> this finger nails of a classic actress helped inspire a multi billion dollar industry. more on tippi headdren's influence on vietnamese-owned nail salon autos it's probably the last thing audiences noticed in "the birds". ak dress tippi hed des dren's
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nails, who would have thought would it help inspire a nail industry? >> she gave me so much hope. >> in 1975 after the fall of saigon, lee and her family flaed vietnam, appearing in this paper. after ending up in a california refugee village with nothing. hedren became a mentor to lee and 19 other women with poor english skills but wanted to work. one thing caught their eye. >> one day we look at her nail and said tippi your nail look butte oofl they loved my finger nails. i thought i'm going bring my man yu curist. she gave them a lesson, they'd practice on each other and on me. >> an idea was hatched. hedren convince aid beauty school to train them for free. they got licensed and tarted doing business. some of the families opened their own salons, building
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their american dream one coat at a time. >> when other vietnamese would enter the country, they learned about this manicuring business. and it's become huge. >> today, 40% of manicurists in the u.s. are vietnamese-americans. in california it's 80%. pam nguyen runs advanced beauty college. >> we attribute a lot to the actress tippi hedren. she's been called the god mother of the vietnamese american nail industry. it created and paved the path for what i do, now. >> he's following in the footsteps of his parents, who fled vietnam in 1975, three years later opening a salon, and launched beauty schools. his parents inspiration? their high school friend twan lee, the manicurist who receive aid helping fland a star. >> she gave us love, courage
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and showed us the future. she makes us feel like we can make it. >> a lot of sunshine out there today. >> yes. and now, spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> it's a typical mid summer day. fog at the coast and a wide range of temperatures from about 60 at the coast to 90s inland. summer weather going to change in a couple days. there is a live view right now from east bay hills, looking towards golden gate. you can see fog there. once you've just stepped inland, there are sunny skies across the remainder of the bay area there, is a satellite image showing fog just talking about at the coast. some disturbance over in the sierra there. first let's close in on the bay area, cooling fog at the coast, and hot conditions inland. that is reflected in our temperatures range. now, we're looking at upper level disturbance over the fresno area, which is producing rather usual weather. there is a light rain on
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highway 99 and tahoe, thunderstorms south and north and stronger cells around truckee. active weather but there is no affect from low pressure system. we've got our steady summer pattern, it's hot inland, and 96 in concord. and some other 90s inland. there is 67 in san francisco. fog per sifts tonight. mild inland. wide range of temperatures tomorrow, we'll see below normal temperatures by week's end there. is a cooling trend towards the end of the week, low temperatures from mid-50s mid 60s and we'll have that kog fog that won't push very far inland there. is a pattern now and there is
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stronger sea breeze day by day. and that low moves inland, we'll see the key breeze and high temperatures tomorrow, mainly into mid 80s to low 90s in saratoga. upper 70s to mid-80s on the peninsula. and downtown san francisco, 66 degrees tomorrow, 60 into the sunset district. mid 80s to low 90s into the north bay. mid to upper 90s in clear lake. mid-70s to low 80s in the near east bay. and there is 70s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling really kicks in on friday. and from friday throughout the weekend into early next week, highs only into 80s, mid 07s around the bay. and after a few days of heat, i guess we'll welcome the cooling trend. i wi. taking a look, looking
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good. thanks spencer. >> and there is 21st street where you can see there has been waiter main break in this area that is affecting water pressure. >> started at 2:30 today and apparently a 12 inch main broke. and there is the fire department sandbagging to keep water out of peoples homes. >> they do expect goitsing to take time to remain. completion expected around okay tonight. >> and as we've said, water pressure in homes in the area apparently is being affected by service is still there. and cases of justin beiber fever is not as wide spread as "vanity fair" editors have hoped.
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>> this big story was a holiday box office blowout. >> if you're with me, the world needs you now. >> i'm going to ride home, sir. >> transformers hit the box office with a bang over the holiday. since opening a weeking ayork the film raked in $398 million world wide. harry potter star daniel radcliff revealed that he gave up alcohol almost two years ago. the young actor admitted he'd become reliant on it and thought he may have a problem saying quote a few years there i was so enammor wtd idea of living a famous person life style that really isn't suited to me. the 21-year-old told a magazine he prefers to go out to dinner and talk and laugh with loved ones. >> believers are not "vanity fair" readers, that is the consensus after the cover of "vanity fair" translated into
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low sales for the image skeechblt his cover has sold only 246,000 copies, the lowest sale since will smith appeared on the image riding a black stallion in 1999 to promote "wild, wild west". justin, at least you're in good company. for all of the entertainment news, visit >> next at 4:00, san francisco loses a famed golden gate park bison. >> jail owe fishes thought there was something odd about this suitcase, you can see that they were right. >> then at 5:00 california schools moving one step closer to inclurding historical contributions of lesbian and transgender people in the curriculum. a look at traffic now. you can see things are moving nicely. cars head into san francisco. stay with us. 1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ññ
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homeless advocates are are pledging to help the mission district. 15 members of homes, not jails spent the night inside of the sierra hotel. the group calls the buildings a waste housing. the hotel has been unused almost 20 years. the squatters rest at the property manager asked them to do so. police dmot make arrests because the landlord hadn't signed a trespassing complaint. a beloved bison was euthanized today. tenny, ts 20-year-old bison i'll yol yaited herself a few days ago, one two of the bison in this photograph provided to us by san francisco zoo.
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tenny was unable to stand or eat or drink. the zoo staff treated her, but after two days made a quality of life decision to yunanize her. a woman in mexico has been caught trying to smuggle her husband out of jail in a suitcase. officials say the man's 19-year-old wife was at the jail saturday for a conjugal advice yilt. police found her husband curled up inside of the suitcase. he was returned to his cell, his wife is of course, now facing charges. >> i guess you're allowed to bring suitcases for those visits? >> in, but... >> not out. >> yes. >> and still ahead, in our 4:30 half hour, a near-death experience. a group shows how dangerous rafting can be after that rain. >> and lieutenant governor newsom almost takes a tumble while making an announcement that may surprise people who
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followed his career as mayor. >> coastal fog now that won't have much cooling influence on inland areas. and i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up.
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a bay area group had a pretty harrowing experience rafting on the american river
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over the weekend. white water is running higher than usual, making a spill dangerous. >> it's because of near record snow melt gushing from the sierra. wayne freedman frorts walnut creek. the group you just saw fighting rapids almost paid dearly. >> on the subject of how i spent july 4th weekend here is a group from walnut creek with all eftdz in video form. hold on tight. >> have you ever been more frightened?. >> no. very not. >> i was pushed to the limit. for sure. >> it's your latest wrinkle from portable cameras in the digital age. a near-death experience captured during a rafting trip down the south fork of the american river near folsom. it was extreme conditions of this spring that lured them to the river. water moving at 5,000 cubic feet per second, three times normal average. they just hadn't planned it
4:30 pm
would take them under. plenty get caught, that is part of the sport, but for this well-trained group, the strength of the waters took a toll, then, for a minute on end, went to worng their wills. >> what surprised me most was going down the river that long. the camera is here this, thing on the video shows that i was underwater three seconds mismt mouth was underwater, felt like it was five to eight seconds. that is when i asked myself... this can't be the way that i'm going to go. >> and ultimately, they all survived. one woman did suffer a near concussion and went to the hospital. >> she went into shock. she had memory loss and now she'll have this video of a
4:31 pm
raft trip gone awry. >> one two,, three. a close up after last weekend, here is a picture to appreciate. safe and home. haipy ending. from walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> and lieutenant governor newsom who campaigned was back in the city to accept a big check from toke koeka coala. donating $250,000 to the san francisco parks trust. the money will be used for mobile sports and recreation, and the shore up trails in golden gate park. the mayor was famous for being opposed to the popular traim. promoting his summer-free program. but now, he's singing a different tune. >> we drove coca-cola and pepsi crazy, they wanted to know what they could do promote good things they're doing. i said if you want to promote it, we can make a
4:32 pm
contribution. >> and despite the donation the company will not be able to display logos in the park or van. >> president obama is keeping pressure on lawmakers. he says short term solutions won't cut it, they need to raise the debt ceiling, soon. the senate got back to work after a shortened july 4th break. but they didn't get far. >> today the president said it's time to get down to business. he invited house and senate leaders from both parties to the white house to work towards a final agreement. >> it's my hope everybody is going to leave their ultimatums at the door and we'll all leave political rhetoric at the door and we're going to do what is west for the economy and z.people. >> this is supposed to be a vacation week. and instead, lawmakers are back in washington. >> time is here to put
4:33 pm
politics aside. we're out of time. >> congressional republicans have refused to budth on raising tax autos washington needs to find a way to spend less. taxing more... is their easy way out. >> the white house zeroed in on $2 trillion in reductions. they would come from budget cuts, including tens of billions to medicare and medicaid and $4 billion in tax increases over next decade. >> this will require both parties to agree on compromise. >> officials says it would show agencies there is political will to get a handle on the deficit. the president says he's opposed to the short term deal that just raises the debt skeel skpegz it's a unique opportunity to force the government to live within it's means. >> and a senate resolution
4:34 pm
authorizing u.s. military operation against libya is now on hold. leaders abandoned plans for a test vote after republicans insist they had should focus on government spending and the nation's debt limit. the libya resolution sponsor bid senators john carey and john mccain have strong bipartisan support. that wasn't the case in the house and lawmakers rejected a similar measure. and officials say the white house is offering to keep 10,000 troops in iraq next year to help train forces. in order for that to happen, baghdad would have to make a formal request. there are 26,000 troops and with all troops due out by december 31. an american boat captain determined to break a, he was
4:35 pm
arrested four days ago for trying to set sail without permission and nine activists were killed last year when a similar flotilla was raided. >> i feel like there is nothing wrong. i acted on behalf of clients and people that sf the safety of the vessel. i am no hero. just doing my job. >> the captain faces trail at a later date. the greek foreign minutis city offered to take the aid to gaza. >> police say what a british tabloid did jeopardized the investigation of a 13-year-old girl's murder. >> zoo oo and there is time to ask questions to michael finney to see what you want to know. just go to abc 7
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>> we're looking at ontime arriveals across the 48 states now. and there are a couple locations where there are delays, in houston, half hour delays and in atlanta, delays and the rest of the nation sees traffic moving along nicely. when will it cool down?n?n?n?n??
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a british tabloid is facing scrutiny for hacking into a murdered teens cell phone. police realized some of the messages had been deleted soon after her disappearance in twut, giving false hope she was still alive. they believe "news of the world" was to blame. the story is huge in britain. the prime minister answered questions about it during a news conference today in afghanistan wrrx he intended to discuss the withdrawal of the troops. >> what i've head raed is quite shocking someone could do this, knowing that the police were trying to find this person and trying to find out what happened. >> and she was found dead six months after she went missing and a serial killer was convicted last month. >> the los alamos nuclear lab set to reopen tomorrow now that the threat has passed.
4:40 pm
the fire has burned 121,000 acres but the lab escaped major damage. the facility were evacuated last week, residents allowed back into their homes, and officials believe the fire was spark bid a tree. >> and the most popular person on google's answer to face book. >> and a great vacation deal in exchange for your phone what. hotels are trying to talk you into. >> and a look at traffic in san jose this, is 280 at 17. moving nicely on this day after the 4th of july. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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looking towards san francisco, ocean beach underneath clouds there. and spencer swril that for us shortly. yale university is wrapping ape record-setting fund raising campaign. the ivy league school raised nearly $4 billion the largest amount in its history. official says the money will help pay for the biggest enrollment expansion in decades, making a school of
4:44 pm
music tuition free this, began in 2008. -- 2006. >> would you trade your smart phone for a great vacation deal? the details on that and the end of a good thing on wall street. >> stocks couldn't cling on to last week's gains. take a look. it's was a mixed close for wall street burke not faring that badly f you're looking for a new loan for a house or maybe a new car, you may just get it. consumer data company equifax telling bloomberg the average u.s. credit score is at the highest in four years saying more americans are becoming financely healthier, showing the ratio of debt payments so-to-income is lowest and delinquencies dropped 30% in just two years. and hotels and resorts are rolling out packages to break paem way from their smart phones. concept is simple. hand in the devices the moment you check in, in return, they'll give you board games
4:45 pm
and classics. some hotems going as far as yanking out tvs and mini hotels are offering deals for those who wish to digitally disconnect. >> and the most followed user on google's answer to facebook may surprise you, mark suckerberg, topping all users including google founders. a spokesman says zuckerberg has the most friends in the world. he says he's better looking than page and brim. >> that is their spokesman. the final space shuttle launch is in danger of being postponed because of severe weather in florida. forecasters say there is a 60% chance storms women delay the lift off of atlantis.
4:46 pm
atlantis going ton a 12 day supply mission. >> and the white house looks pretty good. but behind the scenes will be claustrophobic. we'll give you a tour of a rarery seen section of the west wing. >> do you know how some stores or restaurants make you pay a minimum. have you ever wondered if they can do that? your consumer questions answered, up next. >> then, at 5:00 updated salary data base and government position earning more than $800,000 last year.
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michael finney is answering questions posted to his facebook page. >> one viewer is confused about who pays for parking at work. >> it's a good one.
4:50 pm
he's talking about and asking are employers require frod vid employee was a parking space? he says i got a parking ticket and my employer refused to reimburse you. you're my kind of employee to have guts to walk into hr, here is a ticket, pal. they don't have to pay it. there is no rule that they have to give you a space and here in san francisco, they prefer to give people a free ride on bart. the question two comes from robin who wants to know sit legal for stores to demand a $10 minimum? do they need to post a sign? they dmot need to post a sign. it's really interesting. about the $10 minimum. until a year ago this month, it was just a rule that is
4:51 pm
where they would not allow their merchants to put a minimum. the federal government said stores can have a minimum as long as not over $0. they're allowed to do it. consumers have no way to fight it. question three comes from lynn d, i have written reviews online about a service we're not satisfied with. and "received an e mail that was a threat to sue me. the court is becoming clogged with these things. here is the deal. as a consumer you're allowed to give an opinion and say something like, i think that shoe store is the worst in the bay area. legal, and impossible for them to get at you. but once you say something that is a fact, for instance, he overcharged me then he better have. that is legitimate.
4:52 pm
now you have a thing called a slap suit. very to write down the meaning. a strategic lawsuit against public participation. that is when the merchant is attempting to shut you up, taking you to court knowing they're going to scare you and scare you silent. the state of california has a really good slap suit law f you yeel want to take it, gouk to court and say, i can prove this is a slap suit. waits my opinion. and then, the judge has to rule immediately should go on just trying to shut you up. and you've got to be careful. >> people hop and are casual, dmot be casual. >> and they do. >> and let's get another check of the forecast now. >> and spencer is back with an
4:53 pm
update. >> we've been talking about the heat. but there is lots of heat tomorrow. and looking for highs of 108 in phoenix. 101 in dallas, 90 in washington, d.c.. 96 in new york. and in washington to new york have you to factor in high humidity from the gulf of the atlantic, meaning 90 degrees feels uncomfortable. and across the state tomorrow, we can expect highs into upper 90s in chico. and 103 in fresno tomorrow. and 109 in palm springs. and and las vegas, lots of warm weather in many locations, here in the bay area will be warm inland again tomorrow, and hot inland tomorrow. looking for highs of 96 in livermore and antioch. and 93 in fairfield. 96 up north in clear lake. and there is 70s to 80s around bait tomorrow, fog will be at the coast swront a cooling
4:54 pm
affect inland tomorrow. we'll take a couple days to cool down. and near monterey bay, highs into low to mid 07s near bait tomorrow in watsonville z low to mid-90s inland in gilroy. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. we can expect a cooling trend to start thursday. and as a matter of fact cooling that will continue throughout the end of the week ask throughout the weekend into next week. by friday, looking at highs into upper 80s, mid 08s inland. mid-70s around the bay. and upper 50s on the coast. and 62 degrees on the coast for monday and tuesday thachl is a look at our accu-weather forecast. >> spencer, thank autos part of the white house where president eisenhower had a swimming pool is now home to the elite group of reporters making up the white house press corps. >> they're separated by a wall and a lot of breathing room. we go behind the scenes at the
4:55 pm
west wing. >> there is no job in journalism more glamorous than covering the white house. >> welcome to my pen air, place they keep me soy don't draw up unsightly muscle mass. >> this is the view you can see on tv. the daily briefing. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. >> now, behind the cram to show how we feel. >> we're going to take a grand tour, taking how long? >> if you hurry you can be probably back within 45 seekdz very g here we go. >> the president has a personal chef. journalists have this. >> if you're looking for fine dining, this is the snack room. room for eight people. and all of the chips you can eat. >> outside one of the world's best-known landscapes. this is probably the view you're used to. over here you've got a fountain with tulips. and stately portico. here is what you don't see. looking past these network
4:56 pm
positions, earth moving equipment a giant construction zone, and to the right the executive office building with floor after floor of scaffolding. inside the press wing may be the last area of segregation of a sort tv reporters separated from radio reporters, who are separated from print reporters, separate, and unequal. tv booths fit three people. as long as there are narrow shoulders, ann compton's booth so claustrophobic would it pose a wardrobe change problem for superman. >> if it seems cramped, it is. >> you can see there is not a lot of room. and i can't and i the press operation fits in a space that used to be dwight eisenhower's pool. >> tight quarters but what a job to have.
4:57 pm
>> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> and the news at 5:00 continues right now. >> and thanks guys. picasso is stolen from an art gallery during business hours. >> very scary. >> playing with fire works cost a man three finger autos scientists working to turn bad body fat good. the frantic search for american survivors continues tonight. coast guard not giving up on several men tossed overboard. it happened on sunday. the hope is that these men from northern california are still alive in the calm, warm water. david?
4:58 pm
>> seas are calm, water conditions are harsh, making dehydration a major concern. temperatures into triple digits, humidity about 80%. as we know from those who have been rescued, many were in under wear with no sun protection. >> this guy was yelling for help, "help me. help me. i thought, oh are god. >> survivor gary wong providing a sense of the terror, 44 passengers and crew members jumped or got tossed into the sea. the fishing boat cap sized and sank. >> there were passenger as wakened and alerted. >> they were among lucky 37 who managed to swim or stay afloat 17 hours, one passenger died. but the focus sont missing, most of them friends or relatives. brian wong, on board with his three brothers from san
4:59 pm
francisco. don lee of san ramone. re's friend, and russell bautista and sean chadic. his brother, darrell remains hopeful the missing will be found. shaen has a wife, a son and daughter and a grandchild due any day. >> that is a thing you can have is ts pos tiff and hope. as far as i'm concerned he's going to be home soon. >> the coast guard sent a c 130 aircraft to mexico this morning with a range of 300 miles and can operate eight hours at a time. a san diego area man who rescued 11 of the survivors sunday evening thinks the possibility is still good to find others. we spoke to mike by phone neert mexican border. >> we did all we could. everybody down there did everything they could. physically. looking and looking. and i pray to god

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